Ready, set, travel.

Embark on your trip feeling energized — not stressed. From flights to itineraries and everything in between, we’ll plan your trip down to the finest detail. Simply sit back, relax, and create memories.

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Explore our all-inclusive, pre-planned vacations, tours, and trips to Kivrei Tzadikim

Designing your ideal getaway — from start to finish.


Relax on your preferred flight with the dates, airline, and seating of your choice.


Savor fresh and tasty meals that adhere to your kashrus standards — no matter where in the world you are.


Maximize your trip with a perfect program, including a tour guide and VIP tickets to the hotspots of your choice.


Let us coordinate a beautiful event at your destination, whether it’s a simchah or a corporate event.

You want a smooth and stress-free journey.

You can’t afford to lose hours googling, researching, and chatting online with unhelpful airline agents.

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You wish someone could:

coordinate every last detail of your trip — down to your favorite airplane seat

secure the best rates, perks, and amenities — without you running ragged

watch your back as you travel — and smooth out last-minute changes

What if you could make a single phone call and take off — without breaking a sweat?

Breathe easy. That’s what we’re here for.

Expert journey crafters since 2012

We’re Plan it Rite, masters in crafting seamless getaways. We believe that when you want to get places, nothing should stand in your way. Dreaming of a destination? With a single call, we’ll arrange your trip from start to finish.


A whole new level of carefree traveler convenience

Whether you want to book a flight, or you need a full itinerary with accommodations, food, and transit arrangements — we’re here for you. No matter what timezone you’re in, our staff is available to help 24/6, so you can enjoy your trip without setbacks, stress, and splitting headaches.



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Our clients are flying high.

Everything was taken care of down to the last detail

What an amazing experience! Everything was taken care of down to the last detail with extreme professionalism and utmost class. I highly recommend them! Unbeatable service and dedicated staff! We cannot wait to use Plan it Rite again in the future.

Very professional and detail-oriented

Very professional and detail-oriented. The food provided was my best experience in kosher travel food yet — in taste and with שפע. Buses/shuttles were perfectly on time with designated advisors on the spots at the airport, at arrival, and at the return.

Yoel Landau
They went above and beyond

They are incredible! We had an amazing trip and I would definitely use them again. They went above and beyond to create an unforgettable experience!

Albert Abraham
The quality and care… was truly special

Plan It Rite is amazing. Every last detail of the trip was done to perfection. The quality and care that they showed us was truly special. I can't wait to use them again. Thank you, guys, so much.

Ben Zelmanowitz
Blown away by the professionalism

Me and my sisters joined the Morocco tour. Plan It Rite team really outdid our expectations. We were blown away by the professionalism, the organization, and the constant attention to every detail. More than that, there was so much "hartz" and care in everything. Everything was done with a chasidesh and Geshmaka Taam!

Esty Weinberger
Always available, making sure everything runs smoothly

Great service! Made my trip to Israel an amazing experience. If I had any questions, they were always available, making sure everything runs smoothly. Highly recommend.

Shimmy Braunstein

Trip planning — 100% turbulence-free

Here’s how we do it:

Connect. We listen carefully to your dreams and specifications.

Choose. We present you with the best options based on your budget and interests.

Book. Relax while we pull all the strings and make the myriad arrangements for you.

Wheels up! Grab your passport… and you’re off!

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Why savvy travelers choose us

One-stop shop

Vacations, tours, corporate travel, and trips to kivrei tzadikim. Flights, insurance, transit, food, itineraries, and hotels. One phone call and you’re covered.

Personalized service

Our dedicated team is highly attentive to your every preference. No detail is too trivial. Share your wildest travel dreams and we’ll do whatever we can to bring them to fruition.

Round-the-clock availability

Don’t hesitate to call us anytime. With our 24/6 emergency line, there’s always someone available to address your questions and concerns.

360° support

We guide you from the planning stage through your safe arrival back home. If you encounter last-minute changes, a canceled flight, or any other bumps — we’ll smooth them out in no time.

Travel mavens

Our team is composed of travel connoisseurs with insider knowledge of every destination. We harness that knowledge to prep you for your journey and make the smartest bookings.

Top affiliations

Our personal connections with all major airlines, hotels, and transportation services give us the ability to offer you special rates.

Yisroel Elek here,

founder of Plan-it-Rite.

As a child, I dreamed of exploring the world. My fascination with travel guides and airplanes never stopped, driving me to share the joy of exploration with others.
My passion flows over to my team, many of whom are avid travelers. Some have trekked the length of India and motorbiked through Vietnam and Asia. Others specialize in the old-world mysteries of Eastern Europe. And yet others are pros of luxury vacations and tranquil getaways.

We look forward to delighting you with an expertly-planned trip.

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Don’t stress.Just travel.

Don’t let your getaway turn into a stress fest.

Avoid the aggravation of
sifting through endless online reviews
searching for the best deals and watching prices yo-yo
spending hours on hold or chatting online with less-than-helpful airline agents
struggling with flight cancellations, last-minute changes, bad weather, and other travel hiccups on your own.
Instead, travel the Plan it Rite way and enjoy
a precisely-planned trip handed to you in one neat and personalized package
guidance from experts who have their fingers on the pulse of the entire travel landscape
a team that will navigate any mishaps with calm and confidence
agents who are always on call and eager to make your journey a flawless one.

Experience effortless travel today.

We’re here for you — always.

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