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Car rentals that span the globe, ensuring you experience the freedom of the open road, no matter where your travels take you.
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Welcome to Plan It Rite Rentals

Rental Assistance Service in Israel

At Plan It Rite, we take pride in offering top-notch rental assistance services across Israel's diverse landscapes. Whether you're seeking accommodation in the historic city of Jerusalem, exploring the picturesque Galil region in the North, or venturing into the vast beauty of the Southern Desert, our dedicated team is here to ensure you find the perfect rental property for your needs.


Welcome to Plan It Rite Car Rentals

At Plan It Rite, we believe that every journey should be a seamless adventure, from start to finish. That's why we take pride in offering top-notch travel solutions tailored to meet your every need.
Our specialty? Car rentals that span the globe, ensuring you experience the freedom of the open road, no matter where your travels take you.

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Why Choose Plan It Rite for Your Car Rental Needs?

Extensive Coverage

Global Reach, Local Touch

Whether you're exploring the bustling streets of Tokyo, the serene beaches of Bali, or the historical wonders of Rome, we have your car rental needs covered. With a vast network of partners worldwide, we guarantee you a reliable and comfortable ride wherever you go

Personalized Support

Israel Expertise

Planning a trip to Israel? Look no further! We boast a unique relationship with local vendors, allowing us to secure the best car rental deals exclusively for you. Experience the rich cultural tapestry of Israel with the convenience of your own wheels.

Local Expertise

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every traveler is unique. Age restrictions? Cross-border allowances? Specific vehicle requirements? Leave it to us. Our team of travel experts will ensure your rental vehicle aligns perfectly with your preferences and travel plans.

Diverse Options

Effortless Booking

Ready to hit the road? Booking your rental with Plan It Rite is a breeze. Our knowledgeable staff make the reservation process smooth and hassle-free. Your dream car is just a few clicks away.

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Have specific requirements? Reach out to our friendly customer support team. They're available 24/7 to assist you in finding the perfect car for your journey.

At Plan It Rite, we don't just offer car rentals; we provide you with the key to unforgettable adventures. So, why wait? Let's plan your next journey together. Reserve your rental today and embark on the road trip of a lifetime!

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Young Drivers: A Guide to Hassle-Free Car Rentals

Are you a young driver between the ages of 18-25? Renting a car can be both exciting and challenging. At Plan It Rite, we understand your needs and have put together a handy guide to help you navigate the process with ease.

Rental Requirements for Young Drivers
Age and License:

Most car rental companies require drivers to be 21 or older. However, with Hertz, Thrifty, and Dollar, you can rent a car at 20, excluding Michigan and New York where the minimum age is 18.

Tips to Avoid Under 25 Car Rental Fee
Membership Programs:

Certain programs like AAA waive young renters' fees. Check your memberships for benefits.

Renting a Car Under 25:

Enterprise allows rentals from age 21 with a potential 'Young Renter Fee'

Car Selection for Under 25 Drivers:
Car Restrictions:

Under 25 drivers at Hertz can rent most cars except from specific collections.

Renting a car as a young driver doesn't have to be daunting. Follow our guide, and you'll be on the road to your next adventure in no time! For more travel tips and exclusive deals, stay tuned to Plan It Rite. Safe travels!