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Guatemala Tour
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Guatemala Tour

January - February, 2023

Enjoy an incredible couples’ vacation in colorful Guatemala, just a 4-hour flight from New York. All details are taken care of for you – flights, private transportation, lodging, guiding, incredible food, and much, much more

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$3,800 /couple

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5 days

4 nights

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3 – moderate

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Can’t join for the entire trip length? We got you.

Guatemala Tour


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Hotel and lodging, taxi transportation, tour guides, meals (including breakfast by Chabad and dinner by Aperion Catering), the exclusive private volcano watching experience

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Gourmet dinners by aperion catering

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Arrival/Day 1

Arrival to Antigua

Welcome to Guatemala! Your flight will touch down Guatemala, where a car will await to transport you to the beautiful city of Antigua (1 Hour drive). Upon arrival to Antigua a gourmet 5-course dinner and premier lodging awaits.

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Day 2


The day will begin at with shacharis and a breakfast spread at Chabad Antigua. If you wish, you can visit Khal Ohr Chodosh for an uplifting davening with this authentic kehila of local Chasidic converts. Then, embark on an ATV discovery tour and explore Antigua from a unique perspective! Journey up the mountains and take in the breathtaking views from El Cerro de la Cruz, a popular lookout spot. Then, you will head to a local eco-lodge to partake in a one-of-a-kind avocado plantation tour in a quaint mountain village.

Day 3


Experience an early mountaintop awakening early in the morning, with an optional, challenging one-hour hike to the summit for an incredible sunrise so well worth the trek. After Shacharis and a hearty breakfast, you will retrace the scenic hike down to the pickup truck and arrive back in Antigua. Visit Hobbitenango, where you will feel like you have stepped into another world. Stay to absorb the glorious panoramas and watch the beautiful sunset, or opt for a more adventurous waterfall rappelling experience.

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Day 4

San Pedro

On Wednesday, start your day with Shacharis and a once again delectable breakfast.

Then, embark on a full-day tour of the lake villages of San Pedro, San Marcos, San Pablo, and Panajacel. Soak up the unique history of these charming settlements with the opportunity to participate in an educational and special art class by local artists. Your adventurous spirit will be satiated with the thrilling options of ATV touring and paragliding in Panajachel. Ever with attention to detail, packages with lunch and comfort food will be prepared to take along on this full day tour. Return to San Pedro after this action packed day.

Day 5


On Thursday, your day begins with an option of watching sunrise at the Indian Nose lookout point. The breathtaking views will positively turn out to be an unparalleled, once-in-a-lifetime sunrise spectacle.

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Day 7

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An exhilarating getaway is happening in Guatemala, where you will be in for a truly incredible and multifaceted experience! Traverse the grandeur of untampered Guatemalan landscapes while being fully wined and dined. Explore Antigua’s unmatched beauty through thrilling ATV rides and panoramic hike tours up majestic mountains; the summits’ views will surely take your breath away. Scenic morphs into exotic with the unique opportunity to actually watch a live volcano erupt, all from a fireside perch in a cozy private cabin! You will experience the distinct and rich culture up close with tours to avocado and coffee plantations, visits to lakeside villages and even art classes from locals. The striking wonders of nature in Guatemala abound, with Lake Atitlan and the Indian Nose lookout point high on the list. You will explore these through kayaking on the beautiful blue lake below or peering down from the magnificent lookout above. Guatemala promises an unparalleled cultural and natural experience

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