Coming to America for Pesach? Stop in Lizensk for the יומא דהילולא של ר' אלימלך!

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Charter from Israel to New York with a stop in Lizensk
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Charter from Israel to New York with a stop in Lizensk

03/31/24 - 03/31/24

Israeli Charter:



Sunday, March 31st 11:00 am from TLV.


Sunday, March 31st at 2:00 pm in RZE.

Plan it Rite Charter



Sunday, March 31st at 11:00 pm from RZE.


Monday, April 1st at 1:55 am in EWR.

Every esteemed passenger on our private charter will receive personalized service and VIP treatment throughout the journey. With exceptional care in every detail, it's an experience fit for royalty.

סדר יומא דהילולא קדישא

תיכף נאכן אנקומען וועט מען ציפארן דעם 40 מינוט וועג קיין ליזענסק

אין ליזענסק וועט זיין ציגעשטעלט א הערליכע פריוואטע יארצייט סעודה סמוך ונראה צום ציון הק

נאכן זמן רבינו תם וועט מען צוריקפארן צום עירעפורט

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Charter from Israel to New York with a stop in Lizensk

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No accommodations needed as we return the same day.

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The price includes all transportation throughout the entire trip. Our luxurious buses are equipped with restrooms on-board for your convenience. Snacks and drinks will be available on the bus throughout the entire journey.

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Step into our VIP tent next to the Tzion for a meal fit for a king. Our talented chefs have prepared a special high-end Yahrtzeit Seudah especially for you. Relax and let Plan it Rite take care of every detail, ensuring a heimish and heartfelt experience.‍‍

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