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Shabbos in Zakopane 'שבת אין זאקאפאנא- אדר ב
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Shabbos in Zakopane 'שבת אין זאקאפאנא- אדר ב

03/29/24 - 03/31/24

Experience a serene Shabbos retreat amidst the Zakopane Mountains at the elegant "Plan it Rite" hotel. Indulge in luxurious amenities and impeccable service for a truly special stay. Let the stunning mountain views enhance your weekend getaway, providing the perfect setting for relaxation and spiritual reflection. Come and enjoy the beauty of nature and refined hospitality at Plan it Rite for an unforgettable escape.

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Shabbos in Zakopane 'שבת אין זאקאפאנא- אדר ב

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Experience unparalleled comfort at our luxurious hotel in Zakopane, offering breathtaking mountain views, where every detail reflects a commitment to excellence. With its prestigious five-star rating, options for single occupancy, and upgraded rooms, suites are available.

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Indulge in the epitome of culinary delight with an exquisite dining experience meticulously curated by our catering team. With every bite, you'll savor a symphony of flavors and artistic presentation that showcases their culinary expertise. Supervised by CRC - Hisachdos Harabonim, our dining experience ensures the highest standards of kosher supervision.

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Zakopane Mountains

Zakopane Mountains

Step right into the Zakopane Mountains, where nature's beauty unfolds around you. The crisp mountain air and stunning landscapes make it an ideal destination for a beautiful Shabbos.

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Room View

Room View

Each room in our gorgeous Zakopane hotel ensures the most comfort, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains and a range of modern amenities to make your stay truly delightful.

Dining Area

Dining Area

Step into our upscale dining area, where sophistication meets comfort in a harmonious blend. Plush seating arrangements invite you to linger and indulge in the culinary delights of our Heimish cuisine, fashioning a beautiful Shabbos experience filled with warmth and spiritual elevation.

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Indoor Pool

Indoor Pool

Immerse yourself in sheer elegance at our indoor pool, enclosed within sleek surroundings. Our pool beckons with its sparkling waters, offering a tranquil retreat.

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